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65 Shesh Besh Gammon Kingdom

65 Shesh Besh Introduction of Backgammon

Shesh Besh is just like ordinary backgammon except that if you roll the dice and you get 6-5 (which is called Shesh Besh) this acts as a joker you are permitted to shift any two checkers to every two points. Apart from this backgammon is the same in all manners to backgammon – the same strategies is used, same terminology and so on. Usually Shesh Besh is played in the Middle East and in Turkey as well.

For more than a century Shesh Besh was played by millions of people but only now does this backgammon variant gets a respectable place along with other backgammon variants and it can be mainly found on the web – thousands of sites devote their content for Shesh Besh.

In you can find a lot of backgammon articles and related material for gambling in online backgammon games (though we do not encourage this for novice players since it is a game of high skills!).

You are free to have a look around and enjoy our content; we hope that you would find what you're looking for in our site.

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