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History of Backgammon

Backgammon is probably one of the most ancient gambling games in the world. There are evidences that it is a lot older than other gambling games such as Mahjong or Poker. Just how old it is? Think Mesopotamia. History has it that this gambling game came from what is known today as Iraq, during the times when civilization is just starting to blossom.

Aside from Mesopotamia, Rome is another place where this gambling game is suspected to have started. We all know that Rome has an old civilization as well, so, even if this gambling game did start in Rome, the premise that it is indeed a very old gambling game still holds true.

There was this gambling game back at the ancient Rome that was known as Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum. This Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum is believed to be the same thing as the Tabula, which is regarded as the ancestor of backgammon.

During that time, backgammon was very popular among many civilizations aside from the Mesopotamian and the Roman. Egyptians and Greeks are believed to have played this gambling game extensively as well. At that point of history, since they have not yet invented plastic, they used stones as backgammon checkers instead. They used wood for the board where they play backgammon games.

How did scholars come to know about the history of this gambling game? As the technology progressed, it became possible for archeologists to explore and dig for artifacts that would prove the origins of this gambling game. Throughout their research, archeologists have proven by means of historical objects and historical writings that this gambling game was really played during the ancient times. It is their hope that in the future, advances in technology would permit them to learn a lot more about this gambling game's history.

Since this gambling game has indeed a long history, it is inevitable for it to have several variations as it is being passed from one generation to another, and one region to another. Different backgammon games are played with different number of markers, and some are even played with special rules. As long as the essence of backgammon is still there, then a game should still be considered as backgammon even with some alterations, and regardless of where it is believed to have come from.

The fact that it came from a very distant past and still held strong through time is a proof that backgammon is one gambling game that has good foundations and is not just a trend.

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