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How Backgammon is Played

Before you can start betting on a game of backgammon, it would help to know or understand how the game is played. Otherwise, you might just as well throw your cash (preferably in my direction) away.

The object of the game is for the player to remove all of his checkers from the board. The first player who does so wins the game. Each player moves the checkers forward according to the throw of the dice.

Backgammon is easy to learn. You will need a backgammon board, 30 chips or checkers (these are usually round and of two colors - 15 of each color), a pair of six-sided dice and a doubling cube. And oh yes, you need two players.

Each side of the backgammon board has 12 points represented by a triangle in alternating color. The board has 4 quadrants, each with 6 points. The initial set up is such that there 2 checkers on each player's 24 point, 5 on each 13 point, 3 on each 8 point and 5 on each 6 point. Each player has an inner and outer board. Inner board is also called a home board.

At the center of the board is what is called a bar. This is where the checkers are placed after they are hit or captured by the opponent. When hit, the other checkers on the board are not allowed to move until all checkers on the bar re-enters the board.

The players move their checkers in opposite directions. The direction of a play is from the opponent's home board to their outer board, to your outer board, then to your home board. All of the players' checkers must be in the home board before the players' checkers can be removed from the board.

The numbers on the two dice that are thrown are two separate moves. One checker can be moved according to each roll or you can opt to move one checker according to the full roll. However, the checkers can only be moved to a point that is either empty or has your checkers. It can also be moved to a point where only one of the opponent's checkers on it. If this happens, the opponent's checkers is "hit" and placed on the bar. The checkers can not be moved to a point where more than one of the opponent's checkers is on it.

If a player rolls a double, the player is allowed to roll double the amount shown.

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