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Learning Backgammon

In order to truly comprehend the game of backgammon, some basic terms and procedures must be discussed first. You might ask what exactly backgammon is. Backgammon is a table game using two dice. It is both a game of skill and chance for the players. Backgammon can only be played by two players.

What are the tools or equipments used in playing backgammon? Generally, the game of backgammon requires a backgammon board or table, 2 dice, a doubling dice, a dice shaker and 30 checkers.

The backgammon table consists of 24 triangles known as points with alternating colors. The backgammon table is split into four parts with six points or triangles each. The table also has a dividing bar in between that separates the players' home boards and outer board.

Each backgammon player has 15 checkers each. These checkers are playing pieces that are also called stones or men. A doubling dice, on the other hand, is a dice that has the numbers 1-2-4-8-16-32-64 on it. These numbers represent the number of times the backgammon players may double and redouble the initial stake or wager based on the agreed initial bet. A dice shaker is used to shake the dice. Go figure.

To blot means to throw away the backgammon opponent's checker to the bar. The opponent loses his turn if he was hit and blot on the bar. He must take back all his checkers to the backgammon board in order to play all the other checkers.

To bear off means to take the checkers off the backgammon table. This can only be done when all the backgammon player's checkers are on his home board. A gammon means the losing player has to pay double the wager because he failed to bear off any of his backgammon checkers. Backgammon, on the other hand, is when the losing backgammon player both failed to bear off the checkers and has checkers left on the winner's home board. This requires him to pay triple of the initial wager.

Automatic doubles, in backgammon, is when the initial roll of the dice is double, or hard ways in craps. This automatically makes the wager twice its original amount. This is an optional backgammon rule, however.

A beaver is when a backgammon player agrees to double and immediately redouble after the double. The doubling cube stays in the possession of the player that beavered. This is also an optional rule.

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