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Backgammon Variants – Acey Deucy

In Acey Deucy all the soldiers begin off the board. They enter and shift in the region of the board in the identical way as soldiers sent home in usual backgammon: the white soldiers go into the black's home board and shift around all the way through black's outer board and white's outer board in anticipation of all are gathered in white's home board; then white may start to bear them off. The black soldiers act in the same manner.

The rules for Acey Deucy backgammon are the same as for usual and known backgammon, apart from that you can shift soldiers any way you feel like to whenever you like. Additionally, the roll of 1-2 (Acey Deucy) is an more than ever priceless roll. You start by playing your ace-deuce and only then you play any number four times. Then you get an additional roll and if this extra roll is also ace-deuce you get another extra.

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