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Backgammon Software for the More Advanced

One of the difficulties of advanced bakgammon players is finding a worthy opponent, and this also is applicable to the electronic world. Most backgammon software released in the market does not give much challenge to bakgammon players who know a lot more than the basics. Thus, the advanced players give up their search and forget all about backgammon software.

To solve this dilemma, Gamer Café Software, SnowieGroup and Tower Software came up with backgammon software that would challenge the minds of the most brilliant players in the world. Consequently, their creation sparked a renewed interest in the electronic world among advanced players.

Gamer Café Software

Gamer Café Software is the creator of Monte Carlo Backgammon, offers one of the most difficult opponents that players face in computers. While other software developers target the beginner audience, Gamer Café Software recognized the needs of the more advanced players, and answered their clamor. As if it were not challenging enough, players are also made to play backgammon without the use of the doubling cube plus the gammons are disregarded in the Monte Carlo Backgammon. If this is not challenging, then I don't know what is.


Experts on backgammon may easily recognize the name SnowieGroup. After all, SnowieGroup is the maker of Snowie Backgammon, which is among the hardest backgammon software there is. Snowie Backgammon was also among the first to run on neural-net, which trains it to be tougher each time it is played. But players need not to be scared of Snowie Backgammon. It also gives comments and suggestions to players on their techniques and moves, which are very vital to any player. Although, be prepared to spend, because it costs much more than the other backgammon software. Players who own this software will tell you that it is most certainly worth every penny.

Tower Software

Tower software is the creator of Serious Backgammon, the backgammon software that can work well for beginners and advanced players alike. The beginner mode teaches players the basics of the game, with the use of creative displays. More advanced players will also enjoy Serious Backgammon because it presents a formidable opponent.

Aside from being flexible for beginners and advance players, Serious Backgammon also boasts of eight backgammon variants that can be played using the software. This will help players more experienced with different types of backgammon games, not only with the regular type of backgammon.

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