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Backgammon Tournament Playing Tips

Here are some game tips that can be of great help to players of backgammon who are trying their luck in tournaments.

Before the Tournament

o Make sure that you have talked with the director of the tournament ahead of time and know exactly the events and the division that you will be joining. In a normal situation, you may want to play along with the lowest division that you are eligible for. Know your game skill level, and if you are sure that you are a decent backgammon player then make sure that you do not join the section for novices as this will not be challenging for you.

o Do not forget to bring a backgammon board. You need to have one for many tournaments. If you do not have backgammon board you should borrow one from someone. Always make use of quality cups and rounded dice.

o Practice playing in both directions of the backgammon game.

o Understand fully the rules of play for you to know the legal moves, doubling protocol, ending a turn and rules for shaking the dice and so on and so forth.

o Be sure that you can calculate the pip count, for you to play backgammon well.

o Know the basic concepts of cube strategy and match equity. This will play a vital role in tournaments.

o Get a copy of the entry form and other information regarding the tournament and read it cautiously. At the day of the tournament, be there on time, know when the breaks are. If there are lectures on backgammon and other events, attend them if you are interested. Your experience in these will give you reward in your future games.

During the Tournament

Ask the tournament staff if you do not know something regarding the tournament.

See the draw sheet and know how many number points each match you are going to play in is set at. Do not forget to do this, since the number or points can change in every round of the tournament. As much as possible refrain from assuming anything.

Jot down the score every time you play and verbally check it with your opponent to know if the two of you have similar scores.

Make sure that the result of the match is reported to the officials after every match.

In everything that you do and with whatever the outcome is of the tournament, do not forget to have fun, not to stress too much and especially to relax while playing backgammon. After all this is what we should do in every game that we play.

Remember that you are participating in a tournament to at least have fun and at the same time maybe win the jackpot. Nevertheless, you cannot win if you do not know anything about the game. Learn everything about backgammon and meet people that can guide you in the tournament.

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