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How to Play Shesh Besh Backgammon

The board of the online backgammon is separated in the center by a bar. In every side of the bar there are the home and outer boards of the participant. The outer boards, one to each competitor, are together in the same side of the bar while the home-boards are there in the other side.

Each contestant has fifteen soldiers, black or white, and his objective is to shift all of them to his home board. Once all the disks arrived to the home board the player can start taking them off the board, such move is named "bearing off".

In each side of the bar there are twelve triangles, which are called "points", there are six triangles in each side of the inner/outer board and they points toward each other. A soldier can move from point to point, depending on the number on the thrown dices.

A soldier may not travel to a triangle where there is above one enemy soldier. That triangle is considered as blocked. If simply one enemy soldier is there then the player can move and imprison his enemy's unit.

The captured soldier is then positioned on the bar and the soldier enters the game from your home board, thus he has to move the entire the way back to his inner house. The final phase of Backgammon: the bearing off happens when all the soldiers are in the home board of the contestant.

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