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Playing backgammon (mechanics and tips)

In playing the backgammon, the following materials are needed; backgammon checkers, doubling cubes, backgammon sets, 4 Dice and Dice cups.

To start playing one should set up the board of the backgammon. Two players will play sitting opposite each other and the board in between them. To know who shall play first, a single die is thrown. If the same numbers were rolled by the two players, the die should be rolled again. The player who has the higher number moves first but in accordance to the dice, using both dice.

Next number the board starting at the upper-right hand corner farthest from the player for points from 1 to 24. A player will move in a counterclockwise direction and the other player or the opponent in a counterclockwise movement also.

The movements are onto the points that are open only. One isn't allowed to move onto the points with two or more opposite checkers. A player moves checkers in pairs or separately by moving all the pips that are represented on the dice. A player can play the bigger number if it is possible to use only one of the two numbers or as much as the doubles. After which, the player then places a bar on the opponent's checker when it hits a blot. A player can begin to bear off when all their checkers are moved in the quadrant of the home board. The ultimate goal is to get all the checkers to the home board so move the checkers as you wish.

There are also tips and warnings in playing backgammon. The rolls of the dice also do not count if it happens to fall on a checker, if it did not land flat or lands outside the board. A player gets doubles and the chance to roll the dice twice if both dice rolled results with the same number except the first. For example getting two sixes will mean that that player will get four moves of six.

Backgammon could also be played in doubles. Players need a doubling cube on the bar at the start of the game. First the doubling cube is rested on the bar. Next, a player can propose to double the stake of the play before taking a turn. A player will win the game if his opponent forfeits it (the double). Players can only continue playing if opponents accept the stake and if the playing situation changes take note that your opponent can also redouble. The tip of playing the doubles backgammon is in the declining of the stakes. A player who declines the doubles at the first time loses one point. The next player to decline a redouble will lose two points and so on.

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