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Taking a Look at Some Backgammon Variants

Backgammon is a game played in many countries in the Middle East like Dubai and Saudi Arabia. It is also very popular in countries like Bulgaria and has many known variations, wherein the main goal of the game is that a player must try his best to be able to bear off all of his pieces or checkers before the other player does.

Some known forms or variations of the backgammon game would include games such as Hyper Backgammon or Hypergammon, Nackgammon, Gul Bara or Crazy Narde, and the very strategic, Diceless Backgammon.

The Hyper Backgammon or Hypergammon game is a backgammon variation that begins its game play with three checkers located on their respective twenty second, twenty third, and twenty fourth points on every side. The famous Jacoby rule can be found used a lot in this game, which also makes use of the cube. Often, the matches would start at seven points and would end up gaining even more points at the succeeding rounds. The rest of the other rules present in this game is very much the same as the traditional backgammon game.

Secondly, we are to discuss the next variant that is known as Nackgammon, which came to existence when it was founded by Mister Nack Ballard as a means of making his backgammon students be able to have more practice in position playing. This type of backgammon variation is basically very much alike in rules as the normal backgammon game apart from its starting points or positions. In Nackgammon, a player would place his four checkers on the mid point and the six-point, and not the normal five like in the original game. The last two checkers are then brought all the way to the twenty-third point. This variation of backgammon usually ends up becoming a much longer game due to the fact that players cannot begin their game easily by making use of rolls like six-five or six-six.

The third game in our list is a game called Gul Bara which is very much like Narde, only that it is a bit different because here, doubles are moves that are considered to be very powerful to the players. For instance, if one player would roll a one-one, he would then get a chance to move the one four times and then the two four times, and so on and so forth until about six four times.

Last, but not the least, there is Diceless Backgammon! In some countries like in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, which were former Soviet Union countries, this game is probably more popular than the original backgammon game. The game would consist of two players moving in the same direction in a counter clockwise manner, but with their starting positions different from each other. Here, the players are not allowed to make a hit and the players would call their rolls instead of using a dice, making it more a game of strategy than of chance.

There are many backgammon game versions for a player to choose from. It is up to him to make a choice of which one would best suit him.

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