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Try Something New in Backgammon

Are you bored with the same old backgammon game you play with other gambling players? If, so, then, here are other backgammon variants you might want to consider as your alternatives. After all, change is good every once in a while.

A very challenging backgammon variant for all you gambling players out there would be the Dutch Backgammon. What is the difference of this variant from the common backgammon game that everyone seems to love? The most significant difference of this backgammon would be that the game will begin with all the markers out of the backgammon board. Usually, some of the markers are pre-positioned at some points in the board.

Are you not a fan of dice? Or are you just tire of using them? Well, the Domino Backgammon would be just right for you. In Domino Backgammon, the gambling players make use of domino tiles in place of the usual dice. This interesting game was created by a certain Matt Crispin.

It seems that Matt Crispin is not really fond of dice, that is why he again formed another backgammon variant which makes no use of the dice. The name of that game is the Grasshopper. Gambling players might want to try this for a change.

It has been said that the backgammon is a race, but nothing could resemble a race more than the Russian Backgammon could. In this backgammon variant, the gambling players move their markers on the similar direction, much like in the game of snake and ladders. Moreover, there are additional means by which a gambling player will win in this game, compared to the regular backgammon.

If you want more challenge or strategizing, then try the Pin Game. This game makes hitting markers very much advantageous. Here, the markers that are hit are not sent to the bar, but trapped instead. The gambling players may not reenter them into the board as long as the opponent's markers are pinning the hit markers. Because of this, the gambling players would be even more careful of their markers, and would try to avoid getting hit as much as they can.

Gambling players who do not want to divert away from the common backgammon they are used to could play Poof. Poof is played like the common backgammon, only that the gambling player must play the lesser of his number first. In backgammon, two dice are rolled, so in poof, the lower of this roll should be played first before the other.

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